iPhone vlogging tripod: a great capturing device

iPhone vlogging tripod: a great capturing device

Here we present top picks for the iPhone vlogging Tripod. Your iPhone, a great capturing device for several reasons. Sometimes, it needs a little bit of help in perfecting selfies, long exposure, or providing a wider field of view.

This is where the iPhone vlogging tripod comes into play. And even if it’s a mini tripod, a tripod for your iPhone means you don’t ought to hold for as a result, eliminating camera shake or misplaced self-portraits

iPhone vlogging tripod

Best iPhone vlogging tripods support round the year

As an iPhone vlogger, you’re probably on the look-out for tripods for iPhone. There are thousands of various iPhone tripods, not all are equal for vlogging and not all are correct for you. Before purchasing an iPhone tripod, It is required to think about what kind of vlogs you are making. the tripod that will benefit the most iPhone owners in most situations for vlogging.

The tabletop models are more compact and simply transportable in comparison to regular tripods and it is perfect for those iPhone vloggers who are performing on the go. Despite the tiny size, the mini tripods are solid, steady, and may provide high-quality shots.

1. Best flexible iPhone vlogging Tripod: Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod
iPhone vlogging tripod
  • Flexible legs bend and wrap around objects
  • Compact and lightweight tripod for iPhone
  • iPhone can rotate horizontally or vertically
  • Universal foldable tripod mount fits any iPhone
  • Tripod height: 2.8 – 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.15lb (71g)
iPhone vlogging tripod

One great reason for vloggers, live streamers, and content creators, iPhone user who wants strat vlogging choose, Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod is one kind of tripod for its support to the uneven surfaces and wrapping around objects. The plastic ball head allows you to adjust the angle of your iPhone. You can rotate the ball head 360 degrees, as well as up and down. It’s quite stiff to set, but this not means your phone will wobble around. The Gorillapod is lightweight but feels very durable. And it’s tight enough to fit in a jacket pocket or small bag when folded down.

The GripTight ONE mount is spring-loaded, allowing you to turn your iPhone in and out quickly. It’s compatible with all kinds of iPhone models, including the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.
There’s actually a range of different Joby Gorillapod tripods available. But if you want a compact iPhone tripod with ultimate flexibility, the GripTight ONE GorillaPod is an excellent choice!

2. Best Compact iPhone vlogging Tripod: Joby GripTight ONE Micro Stand
iPhone vlogging tripod
  • Ultra-compact tripod for iPhone
  • Portable design folds flat to easily fit in your pocket
  • Aluminum ball head for precise angle control
  • Universal foldable mount fits any iPhone
  • Tripod height: 1 inch
  • Weight: 0.1lb (46g)
iPhone vlogging tripod

This super-compact, pocket-sized tripod is extremely small – especially when folded down. You can fold it completely flat when not in use anytime. And at just 1 inch tall, you can capture ultra-low angle shots with your iPhone. It works best on a tabletop or other flat surface. But its rubber feet allow it to grip quite well to uneven surfaces, such as the rock in the example below. You can adjust the position of the legs for increased stability. If you want an ultra-compact tripod, you can’t get better than the Joby Micro Stand. You can carry it in your pocket, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have a tripod when you need one!

3. Best Sturdy iPhone vlogging Tripod: Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod
  • Mini tripod with strong, sturdy legs
  • Strong enough to hold an iPhone, compact camera, or DSLR
  • Ball head automatically locks to keep your camera in position
  • Universal spring-loaded tripod mount grips iPhone tightly
  • Tripod height: 5.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.4lb (190g)

Manfrotto has a wonderful reputation for producing high-quality tripods. Its sturdy legs are strong enough to carry an entry-level DSLR (up to 2.2lb/1kg). The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod has wide legs and great build quality, providing a stable base for your iPhone. It’s even suitable for larger digital cameras. Yet its compact size makes it perfect for mobile photography.
It’s heavier than many other iPhone tripods, but that’s to be expected with a solid piece of kit like this. The push-button mechanism allows you to easily position and locks the ball head. Once you’ve set the angle, the ball head locks into place to stop it from moving.
The legs on this tripod only reach one position, giving it a height of 5.3 inches. It works best on flat surfaces, as you can’t adjust the peak of the legs individually.

4. Best Full-Size iPhone vlogging Tripod: Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod

Key Product Features:

  • Full-size tripod with extendable legs
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Adjustable ball head allows for horizontal and vertical iPhone position
  • Padded shoulder bag for comfortable carrying
  • Suitable for use with iPhone or digital camera
  • Tripod height: 15.7 – 51.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.75lb (800g)

Mini iPhone tripods are perfect for carrying around. But their small size limits your shooting options. You have to shoot from a low angle or find somewhere high up to position the tripod. It gives you more choice of overshooting height and angle. And your tripod will remain perfectly stable after you tilt your iPhone.
If you want to shoot from standing height, you’ll need a full-size tripod. The legs extend from 15.7 to 51.6 inches. It’s quick and easy to adjust the legs. And it feels very stable at any heights. The ball head action is smooth, allowing 360-degree rotation and tilting up or down. You can quickly switch your iPhone from horizontal to vertical without the tripod toppling over.

5. Best Budget iPhone vlogging Tripod: LINKCOOL 360 Degree Rotation Travel Tripod

Key Product Features:

  • Easy to handle and secure your phone and camera
  • Carry anywhere you want and capture exciting pictures
  • Camera interface is the universal 1/4-20 screw that fits most cameras
  • 360-degree swivel ball joint
  • height: 10 Inch (39 cm)
  • weight: 11.3 ounces

This tripod is designed to fit with popular mobile phones and Cameras, which means whether if you are using iPhone, Android smartphones, GoPro Action camera, DSLR camera it will be compatible with all. The legs covers are really, REALLY grip-y and flexible. The tripod phone clip adjusts between 2.4-3.7 inches, works for iPhone 6/6 Plus 7/7 Plus 8/8 Plus X XR 11 11Pro & Samsung Galaxy S6 S7/S7 Edge S8/S8 Plus Note 7 or work as other smartphone tripods. It can hold your device in both portrait and vertical mode. The best feature is you can change the angle and wrap the Tripod Legs around any surface.

Check in:

There are many advantages to using a tripod while you’re vlogging with your iPhone. By setting up your tripod, you can eliminate shakiness and provide a stable base while you’re filming. Sure you can hold your iPhone in your hand, but the shakiness will render your footage completely unusable. Vlogs don’t need to be just sit-downs and talking to your audience, you can also show your audience the scenery, what you’re doing or you can be talking while you’re on-the-go! In all of these situations, a tripod will help tremendously.

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